Supplying the Best Roofing Products for You

At the heart of every home is its roof—an integral component that not only shelters but completes the essence of a place, offering safety and security. Recognizing its significance, we take pride in being your trusted supplier of top-notch roofing products. Your home is not just a space; it’s a significant life investment. We believe that ensuring the safety of your family with a durable and long-lasting roof should not be a burden. Our commitment to providing a professional service is reflected in the provision of high-quality residential roofing solutions without compromise. And that’s why CertainTeed is one of our top partners. With excellent craftsmanship and distinctive product lines, they’re an excellent choice for you project. 

CertainTeed's Lines of Asphalt Shingles


Classic and foundational, Traditional Shingles stand as the original and most fundamental roofing option in the industry. Representing simplicity and durability, Strip shingles are characterized by their single-layer design, often crafted to emulate the timeless appearance of slate.


Today, Designer Shingles reign as the leading choice for roofing installations across North America. These cutting-edge products are crafted as dual-layered solutions (or multi-layered, as seen in CertainTeed’s tri-laminate technology), delivering a thicker and more opulent aesthetic for your roof.


Renowned for their superior quality, Luxury Shingles are often characterized as laminated shingles with a distinctive look or enhanced functionality compared to traditional Dimensional Roofing Shingles. These products boast designs that evoke the timeless charm of old-world roofing aesthetics.

Cetrainteed's Integrity Roof System

This video offers an in-depth walkthrough of the meticulous installation process of CertainTeed’s Integrity Roof System. Delving into each step and detailing the materials used, it serves as a comprehensive guide to prepare homeowners for the transformative journey their roofs will undergo. The presentation not only instills confidence in the chosen materials but also provides valuable insights into crucial aspects such as flashing and ventilation. Additionally, a closer examination of the shingles themselves adds a layer of understanding to this informative resource.

ColorView Design Tool

Visualize the stunning transformation of your home with our shingles using our intuitive ColorView design wizard! Effortlessly upload a photo of your house or explore our pre-selected projects to kickstart your design journey. With CertainTeed shingles, your imagination is the only limit to achieving a personalized and appealing look for your home.

The Best Products for the Job

When dealing with a critical component like your roof, compromising on the quality of building materials is simply not an option. Our team goes above and beyond to select roofing products that meet the highest standards and are perfectly suited for your specific needs. After carefully curating your choices, we present our customers with an extensive array of premium roofing materials, offering ample room for personalization without compromising our unwavering commitment to quality.

Protect Your Roof With CertainTeed Shingles

If you are looking for a company that instills confidence and provides comprehensive roofing services—Fusion Roof is your answer. Our experts undergo specialized training for working with solar-equipped roofs, making us the ideal solution for your roofing needs if you already have solar panels in place. Recognizing the importance of a reliable roof, we refuse to cut corners, ensuring that your roof is not only durable but poised to endure the test of time for years to come. Reach out to us today to speak with one of our team members and uncover the transformative solutions Fusion Roof can bring to your home.